About Me


So basic things about me. I’m a London based Print Designer (for anyone who doesn’t know what that means I basically design the patterns on things like clothing, bags, stationery etc.) I love working in fashion and generally just making things in life look good. I love the sun probably a worrying amount. I plan my holidays a year in advance and if there’s a sunny day in London, no matter what i’m doing everything will be dropped to get myself a day of sun (At least if I can admit it its not really a problem right?) I also love cats! That isn’t really relevant to this blog but actually one day I might get a kitten and then every picture I ever take will probably revolve around him/her so i thought I’d just mention it just as a sort of warning.

I LOVE photos, taking them and being in them! In the last couple of months however I’ve started taking it a bit more seriously and really thinking about the kind of photos I want to take and not just blurry phone pics that lets be honest no one really wants to see. I want every photo to be something that makes me happy when I look at it.

Hope you enjoy my efforts. x