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Lake Como is somewhere that I had wanted to go for years so I was very happy that it didn’t disappoint.

We actually ended up staying in the town of Bellano which is one of the least touristy towns on the lake. We stayed there only because we found this absolutely incredible Air Bnb and I just decided to base everything around that.

When we arrived, at first I was so heat stroked from a crazy train journey (don’t ask) and felt mild distress that yet again there were so many stairs to climb to get to our apartment (I swear I had legs of steel by the end of this trip). But once we’d had a chance to recover we looked around us and literally couldn’t believe the scenery, it was crazy beautiful! And I guess having an apartment with a glass front, it’s own wine cellar and infinity pool always helps.

Below: Wearing a plunge lace swimsuit from Zara.

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Even though Bellano doesn’t really have the tourist vibe, the one thing they do have (and seem very proud of) is this rock thing called Orrido Di Bellano…it was basically these scary caves with water running through them really quickly and loudly. Oh and I think it’s linked with mythology and some folklore tales. It was quite interesting but also a bit creepy. But then again it doesn’t take much to creep me out…I did like the waterfall though!

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What can I say, Bellagio is so dreamy! We got the ferry across from Varenna and even the ferry was a great experience (and I’m not normally the most boaty person).

I had heard so much about this place, I was mainly excited to get see some of the iconic cobbled streets and get some really amazing food and wine in me.


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Below: Wearing an example of when Monsoon get it right. 

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I was so keen for a good meal that we had the classic deliberation of where to go for about an hour. We ended up taking our own advice from our Amalfi time and found what looked like a pretty decent hotel for lunch. Oh my god it was AMAZING! The pic below is the view from where we were eating. I had this lake trout in a lemon dressing and it is honestly the best thing I have ever eaten. Probably. I still think about it now and get sad that it’s so far away for me to eat again. The hotel was called the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. Go there you won’t regret it!


Due to some crazy all night storms we didn’t actually get much sleep here. This meant that on some days we decided to just spent our time chilling by the pool and doing as little moving as possible (apart from a bit of photo time obviously).


Above and below: Wearing colour block swimsuit from Zara


The sunsets were unreal here.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove: Wearing vintage Levi’s. They get me through every summer.

So we couldn’t leave Como without getting a boat out on the lake. We had been told that the weather was going to ‘turn’ so we were pretty keen to get out there and not miss our chance.

To get a boat out, going to Varenna is defiantly your best bet. We got the train from Bellano (for like 5 minutes) and then walked through the cobbled streets to the little bay where the boat men are sat chilling. It was ridiculously easy to get a boat out, if they gave one to me they will definitely give one to anyone. I mean, I can barely ride a bike.

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Once we were on the water I would like to say we had the most relaxing time but because of the predicted weather turn (that we kept hearing about) we had to go to all these places we wanted to see in about an hour. This meant that we had to drive the boat super fast and when you weren’t the one driving it you literally felt like you were going to get thrown off. I genuinely had bruises from where I had been flung about so much. Not as glamorous as it looks I’m telling you.

Obviously it was still worth doing and I would still recommend it. Just maybe give yourself a bit more time than we did.

Below: Wearing bikini from Sober and Naked – a sustainable swimwear brand where the fabric is made from recycled materials such as old fishing nets etc. yet feels just like normal swimwear! Definitely worth checking out. 

Overall my top tips for Lake Como are:

  • Pick your accommodation wisely. Obviously goes without saying but actually it makes the experience so amazing when you have these epic views from wherever you are. Because our place was so good, most nights we ended up going to the local supermarket and just cooking fresh food and sitting on our balcony just eating, drinking and being at one with our surroundings. Seriously recommend Air Bnb for the less touristy hidden gems.
  • Go to Bellagio, even if you don’t stay there, just going for the day was such a good experience. The cobbled streets, iconic signs and beautiful tree lined tavernas make it such a dream to visit. As previously mentioned if you can go to the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni on the front for lunch or dinner I would definately recommend it. The food was so good.
  • Explore Varenna and get a boat out for the day. Again as I said before…give it some time, don’t drive the boat like a crazy. It took me ages to get over the bruising (mentally and physically…to be fair I don’t really love boats).
  • Find a good sunset spot. The combination of lake, mountain and the sun setting is too good. Make sure you experience it.

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